Cisco PA-MC-T3

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If you need to buy Cisco PA-MC-T3 or sell Cisco PA-MC-T3 or trade this item let us know today our prices are negotiable on every product we also will price match other advertised prices if they are in stock with a similar warranty period. We are excited to have the chance to help the economy by reselling used network technology products and we strive to bring you or your company a fair price on the Cisco PA-MC-T3 Multi-Channel T3 Synchronous Serial Port Adapter VXR ( Used Cisco PA-MC-T3 )The PA-MC-T3 Multi-Channel T3 port adapter is available on Cisco 7200 series routers on second-generation Versatile Interface Processor (VIP2) in Cisco 7500 series routers and on Cisco 7000 series routers with the 7000 Series Route Switch Processor (RSP) and 7000 Series Chassis Interface (RSP).The PA-MC-T3 has one channelized T3 high-speed serial interface that provides access to services at T1 (1.544 Mb) data rates transferring data bidirectionally. This port adapter divides the T3 signal stream into 28 T1 lines that can be further divided into the 64 kbps level up to a total of 128 channels.The PA-MC-T3 port adapter provides the following key benefits:�altReduced cost�High levels of integration eliminate the cost of external CSU/DSUs and multiplexers. Channelization allows customers to lease fewer and more cost-effective lines from service providers.�altSimplified management�Management of the internal CSU/DSUs is handled through the router. No cabling complexity is associated with large installations of external boxes.�altFlexible provisioning�A single port can be used for up to 128 64K Nx64K FT1 and T1 connections to IP and Frame Relay networks. As network needs change bandwidth can be reallocated without moving any cables.�altIncreased slot utilization�Double to quadruple port density over previous port adapters (up to 56 T1 lines per Cisco 7500 slot) means increased value for each router slot.�altIncreased rack space utilization�Elimination of external CSUs frees up rack space. High port density reduces the number of routers required for large installations.PlatformsThis feature is supported on these platforms:�altCisco 7200 series routers�altCisco 7500 series routers�altCisco 7000 series routers with the RSP

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