The Cisco 12000 Series represents the industry\'s most intelligent portfolio of routingalt solutions that scale from 2.5Gbps/slot to 40G/slot capacity service�enabling carrier IP/MPLS core and edge networks worldwide. This proven portfolio leverages state of the art silicon and software technologies, delivering uncompromising routing performance, unparalleled QoS capabilities, comprehensive high availability support, ATM/Frame transport and an integrated core and edge feature set. With a fully upgradeable modular switch fabric, the Cisco 12000 Series provides the industry\'s only proven investment protection and lowest total cost of ownership. Cisco 12000 Series�IP/MPLS Applications: * IP/MPLS Core (long-haul and regional) * Peering * Optical Private Line Aggregation (OC-48 to DS0) * ATM/Frame Relay transport services (ATM or Frame Relay transport over IP/MPLS core) Cisco 12000 Series�Feature Highlights * Up to 1.28 Terabits per second switching fabric capacity and up to an aggregate 750 Mpps forwarding performance * First modular distributed system architecture * Only routing system that scales from 2.5Gbps/slot to 40G/slot capacity without a forklift upgrade * Range of fully-distributed, NEBS-compliant chassis: 4-slot, 6-slot, 10-slot and 16-slot * Industry-leading high availability�Zero packet loss with Cisco NSF & SSO technology * Integrated core and high-end edge functionality with ASIC based forwarding and services * Industry\'s most proven and comprehensive IPv4 & IPv6 feature set * Sophisticated granular QoS mechanisms * Comprehensive optical internetworking portfolio with POS, GbE, DPT/RPR * Innovative Adaptive Network Processing powers a wide range of interfaces including POS, Channelized, DPT/RPR, Ethernet and ATM